New Zealand's only issuer of Exchange Traded Funds

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are one of the fastest-growing investment products in the world. Smartshares funds are the only ETFs listed on NZX.

Discover why ETFs are one of the world’s fastest growing financial products

About Smartshares

Smartshares Limited (Smartshares) is a wholly owned subsidiary of NZX Limited (NZX). Smartshares is the pioneer of ETFs in New Zealand, launching the first ETF (TENZ - the NZSX 10 Fund) in 1996.

Smartshares is New Zealand’s only issuer of ETFs, with in excess of 9000 unit holders and more than NZD $380 million funds under management.

Smartshares ETFs are listed funds designed to “track” a sharemarket index. Each Smartshares ETF is comprised of the securities of the companies that make up the index it tracks. This means investors in a Smartshares ETF should get a very similar return to a direct investment in all the securities that make up the index on which it is based.

Smartshares is also a provider of a KiwiSaver scheme - smartkiwi which invests in two of our ETFs.

Why try and pick stocks when you can own the whole index?

Our Exchange Traded Funds

For more information, download a Fact Sheet

The NZX 10 Fund
Management fee: 0.60% per annum

Fact Sheet

smartTENZ (TNZ)

The NZX MidCap Index Fund
Management fee: 0.75% per annum

Fact Sheet

smartMIDZ (MDZ)

The NZX 50 Portfolio Index Fund
Management fee: 0.75% per annum

Fact Sheet

smartFONZ (FNZ)

The NZX Australian MidCap Index Fund
Management fee: 0.75% per annum

Fact Sheet

smartMOZY (MZY)

The NZX Australian 20 Leaders Index Fund
Management fee: 0.60% per annum

Fact Sheet

smartOZZY (OZY)

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Benefits of Smartshares


With one simple purchase you get an investment in a broad range of companies, spreading your risk across a diversified portfolio.

Low fees

Smartshares funds are able to keep costs down because the manager does not make active investment decisions, which may require expensive research, analytical and trading expertise.


Smartshares units trade like individual shares. From as little as $50 per month, our Regular Savings Plan (RSP) is a simple and affordable way to accumulate units.


Smartshares funds holdings are always known to the market. The funds prices are published in the newspaper and online so you can track the progress of your investment at any time.

How to apply

There are three ways in which you can apply

1. Direct investment

The minimum cash investment for a new investor is $1,500 per fund. Once you read and understand the Investment Statement you can apply for units in a Smartshares fund by completing the application form below.

Investment Statement Application form Change of details smartTENZ Debit Form smartOZZY Debit Form smartMOZY Debit Form smartMIDZ Debit Form smartFONZ Debit Form

Please note your application for units made via this facility will be processed at the end of each month. The application form along with a cheque or direct debit form needs to be received by Link Market Services Limited (the Unit Registrar) by the 20th of the month so units can be allocated and priced at the end of the month.

Regular savings plan

Once you've made your minimum cash application investment of $1,500, you can make a regular monthly investment from as little as $50 directly from your bank account at no cost.

2. Through an NZX Participant

You can buy units in Smartshares funds through an NZX Participant, just like an ordinary share. NZX Participants are accredited by NZX and are monitored on an ongoing basis for compliance.

3. Through an Authorised Financial Advisor (AFA)

You can also ask your financial advisor about Smartshares funds, as many AFAs have arrangements for buying these products either through Smartshares or an NZX Participant.

For more information contact Smartshares, call the Smartshares help line on 0800 80 87 80 or contact any NZX Primary Market Participant (broker).

Institutional Investors

Please call us on 0800 80 87 80. Alternatively download a basket application or redemption form below.

Application form Redemption form

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